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Hey Louise! Talk about a cool site! I look forward to seeing all of the artists work up on the site and I also look forward to when you start having artist openings at the gallery. Then Ill have an excellent excuse to take a trip from Minneapolis and visit Canada again.
Date of Posting: 17 February 2016
Posted By: cathy murphy
very good to see this site back up and running excellent
Date of Posting: 31 March 2012
Posted By: chief
Hello Louise - It was such a delight to meet you yesterday on our first visit to the gallery. I compliment you on all you are doing - and doing so well. We will continue to recommend that people make time - a lot of time - to enjoy all the wonderful artwork from so many talented artists at the gallery. I loved seeing Roys work too. You are definitely honoring your husband and his work in a significant way. rnrnWe look forward to seeing you again soon. Cindy and Paul Haydenrn Lake Superior Magazine
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Cindy Hayden
Duluth MN
hello mom:) hope youre having a good day! awesome work on the site :grin. love you !! :)
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: stephanie drebit
Hi I just drop by because Im doing an artist project about my relative Robert Kakegamic. My teacher really loves his paintings:grin and Im just painting mine right now Im really excited about it because I might get a full mark on my artist thing and I know my teacher will like it because I always do my painting nice. peace outt :P byee
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Rebecca Mawakeesic
Sandy Lake Ontario
I really enjoy your site and most enjoy learning about your rich heritage and culture through art.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: don wright
very good I liked that I could see the Artwork:)
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: David Wilkinson/
Nice work very much enjoyed browsing the artists on your site.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Modern Portraits
Wow! There are so many artists on your site thanks.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Jason
regards from argentina!
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: martin levi
Very much enjoyed your site.If I am ever in Ontario would love to drop in and see personally.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Robert Wilson
Prince George BC
Hi Louise! Wow ! This is so cool. I will drop in some time..rnTake Care rnNarene
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Narene Barkman
Sioux Lookout Ontario
I have dropped by the gallery a few times and I think its great to see all the work on the walls maybe sometime Ill bring in some of my work and hopefully it would be worth displaying for people to see. Ill talk to you later.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Dennis Mekanak
Sioux Lookout/Sachigo Lake Ontario.
Great website! Thank you for keeping it alive for everyone to enjoy. I browse it periodically and everytime find something new and exciting!
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Fine Hair
I Love this site and i visited several artist I was impressed.Thank You and keep doin what you do Walk in Beauty. Wolfs Robe
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Wolfs Robe aka Flute
Sedona Arizona
Good morning Mrs. Thomasrn rnI have just had the wonderful pleasure of watching Woodland Spirits" as was shown on TVOs View from here. I am sure you are being written too by many people today who enjoyed the show as much as I did and I would like to add my two cents. rnI want to express to you my feeling and experience during the show was very deep. I am an artist in Oils and specialize in Canadian landscapes ( www.geocities.com/artinmysoul/ ). I live in Whitby Ontario and this means that getting out to the "Woods" means a full day or many days out. I really admired and envied the way the artists depicted in the show were attached to the land. Lived in the land and painted from their experience. I identified with the passion which each of your artists expressed. When I saw them in their canoe paddling calmly along the rock edge I just wanted to drop everything and join them. rn rnI would love to actually meet Gelineau Fisher one day. I truly agree that Your Husband (passed on) and these artists are the Aboriginal equivalent of the Famous Group of Seven. They are similar in many ways including the fact that they actually dwell in th eland which they portray in their paintings. rn rnI could ramble on but I just wanted to express some of my feelings after viewing the documentary last evening. Please feel free to share my admiration and respect for the artists featured there.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Robert McAffee
Whitby Ontario
I write this note in honour of all the greats before me. I thank the spirits of Norval Morrisseau Roy Thomas Carl Ray Jackson Beardy Benjiman CheeChee Cecil Youngfox Arthur Shilling Richard Bedwash Isadore Wadow Eddy Cobiness and Issac Bignell for their great contribution to the movement of ART and the creative education of our first nations people and spiritual ways. Thank you to all of you for your life work and teachings.....Meegwetch all my relations MAJ also known as RAINBOW THUNDERBIRD!
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: mark anthony jacobson
I really like this site. I know Andrew Machendagoos hes my step brother I grew up with him. Anyway I like this site because I am inspired by people in the same age group as me so its pretty cool. I like to draw and paint I have many acrylic work and hoping for someone to find my work just like all of you artists have.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Miranda Nigidja
Thunder Bay Ontario
Your presence is still felt after all these years. Roy and myself Earl McKay met each other back in the mid 80s in one of the major cities in Can. we were involved in group shows.You are still an artist to me I myself after 25 years of painting cannot call myself an artist but a painter. You and Norval are the artists youve both earned that title. Peace and Merry Christmas. Earl McKay
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: Earl McKay
Thompson MB
Hi Louise: I dont know if you remember me? Barry and Roy became friends because of a lucky quirk of fate in an unlucky situation. There illnessrn rnMultiple Myeloma threw them together and out of that a friendship and respect formed. I am Barrys wife Kathy and I wanted you to know how muchrn rnthat friendship touched him. I was thinking of you and felt compelled to write and see how you and the boys are making out?rn rnI also know that Barry would have wanted you to know how much your family touched him. Barry passed away on Valentines Day February 14th.rn rnHe was positive and fought hard until the end as I know Roy did. Perhaps that is why they seemed to enjoy each other so much. They had a lot of rn rnsimilarities. A positive attitude and courage. He spoke of him often even though there time together was short Roy made quite an impact on him.rn rnI hope that you are well and that life is being kind to you. I just wanted you to know that you touched our lives in a positive way.
Date of Posting: 29 February 2012
Posted By: K. Butcher

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