Spiritual Guardianship

Spiritual Guardianship
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325.00 CAD each Artist: Mark Anthony Jacobson

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22" x 30"

Edition: /20 

 "This painting reflects the relationship between the physical and spiritual world. The Thunderbird Clan (blue spirit bird in center) has received guidance from the Creator and the animal kingdom to inspire and communicate with the human beings in all 4 directions. To share the importance of giving thanks for all that we take and use. To recycle and replant the resources that help us live a day at a time. To respect and live in harmony with the animal kingdom. The turtle at the bottom represents Turtle Island (North America). The loons inside the shell symbolize harmony. The tree on top of the turtle is the tree of life. The lightning is the root of the tree representing the need for more enlightenment towards how we conduct ourselves on Earth Mother. The fish represent purification of consciousness. The moose represents inner strength to take action with our faith to create a balanced end result."







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