Mystery Woman - SOLD

Mystery Woman - SOLD
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Artist: Kristy Cameron

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24" x 24" x 1.5"

Mystery Girl

I am the daughter of a woman who was raised in boarding school.

She was the daughter of a woman raised in a convent.

I am the granddaughter of a woman who ran a sweat lodge underneath a table.

She used roots, herbs, bones, and skins.

I am the niece of an auntie who runs the lodge naked.

She throws sticks in the night dark voices walk with her.

I am the little sister of a woman who was beaten by my mother,

abused by my father, and became a rag doll for her husband.

I am the aunt of a woman who came into my life as my little sister

She sun danced until I pulled the pegs off her arms.

I am the mother of a little woman who has fasted

year after year since the moon entered her body.

I am the grandmother of two, one who skates

like Bobby Orr and one who swims like a dolphin.

I am the wife of a medicine man the mother of a medicine man

the mother of a doctor.

I am a sister, an aunt, a flower, a thorn, a fire, a storm.

I am Mystery

By Louise B. Halfe - Sky Dancer


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