Carl Ray Original - Untitled

Carl Ray  Original - Untitled
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9,000.00 CAD each Artist: Carl Ray

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Canvas Board
40" x 30"

Original Acrylic on Canvasboard (Mint Condition)

This painting has had only one owner.  Has had it in a collection since the late 1960's. Painting was acquired in Sandy Lake from Carl Ray.  Interesting history behind this painting.  

The painting depicts a Native Canadian dressed in fringed buckskin.  He is sitting on a rock next to a lake and is cooking his dinner over a blazing fire.  It is night and there is a bright moon shining over the lake.  Two tall birch trees are in the foreground and the dark shape of the forest is in the background on the far lakeshore.  There is a canoe pulled up onto the shore.  The painting is done in shades of brown, yellow, copper and a bit of blue.  

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