Trinket Box - SOLD

Trinket  Box - SOLD
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Artist: Kathleen Baleja



Birch Bark
Birch Bark
2.5" x 2.5" .75" h

Handcrafted glass box with mirror bottom and the image is an actual birch bark biting.

Birch Bark Biting

Birch bark biting is an ancient Cree and Ojibwa art form. The bark is first gathered, separated, flattened and folded.  Before harvesting the bark from the forest Native peoples traditionally recommended that an offering, usually tobacco be left for the Spirits. Only the cork layer or cortex is removed from the tree.  Care must be taken not to expose the cambium and sap growing layers.

The technique of birch bark biting was originally thought to be used to manufacture stencils for doing quill and beadwork on clothing.  Once the design was bitten into the bark, it was rubbed with wood ash and pressed onto the leather providing an outline for the finishing work.

Kathleen produces these biting using the same technique that has been employed for many years.  Initially taught by "Rainbow woman" or Ilona Stanley, Kathleen interprets the art in a contemporary fashion creating her own designs. 

Kathleen frequently uses the symbol of the dragonfly, representing rebirth, change and growth.


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