Joan Brave

Joan Brave is a member of the Métis Cree Nation of Alberta Canada. She was born in Kamloops British Columbia and raised on Vancouver Island.


Joan keeps close contact with her Native roots and shares in the history, traditions and folklore of her People as well as other tribes of First Nations Peoples whom she has befriended across Canada and the United States.


Joan has become quite well known by several dancers in both countries for her regalia making and moccasin making, and many others enjoy her paintings, both on canvas and on the drums she makes. She enjoys the company and conversations with Elders as they are great teachers and historians.


Once I hear the drum start to beat, the modern world fades from my sight and I step back into yester year. My soul is with the Ancestors and my heart is with the Eagles.


I do not think there is enough time in one single lifetime to be able to fully learn and enjoy all of what makes us who we are. The First Nation’s People”.


It is Joan’s hope, that no matter what Nation of the world that you may be from, that you may learn something new of our Nation and carry good words and kind thoughts for us in your hearts.


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