Eugene LeFrancois

Eugene was born in Beardmore Ontario in 1959. Raised in a semi traditional ultra modern family, foster care setting.
I am a self taught artist and been drawing all my life in one form or another. I started painting seriously in 1985, after a workplace injury. Actually, my father brought me some paper and acrylic paint with a few brushes, and he said "Now, you will have time to paint". I used to draw in the bush camps and on the lake freighters where I worked, but never had the time to develop my techniques.
Ideas for pictures come to me in dreams, clouds, scenery, animals, reading stories, news, listening to music, listening to people remembering my past. Remembering what my mother and dad told me. The stories my grandma and grandpa told me.
I work in acrylic, watercolour, ink, and oil base paint. I use markers, charcoal, as well as pencils and crayons. I work on canvas, linen, watercolour paper, and paper. I have painted on t-shirts, sheets, wood, masonite. I am now learning how to airbrush. In the future would like to try stained glass and pottery and anything else where I could put an idea down.
Today when I paint I go into my happy place. In this place I am at peace. I have no idea of what I am going to draw, the colours or in what medium. I paint and draw how I am feeling. Sometimes, I feel angry about how society has changed. It seems that people are so busy they are starting to forget the meaning of what a community means. It seems that our society has placed the dollar above the individual.
I have been in a sweat lodge, and saw a vision of a "dragon fly and a gold ball with writing on it." I have been to a shaking tent ceremony and have been told that I am a worker. Currently I am a keeper of two -2- Métis Tribal Drums and a Pipe Carrier.
I see completed drawings in my head, in the bush and all around me, but my skills are not ready to paint them. I keep at it hoping that the day will come that I can complete my "yet to be drawn pictures."


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