Eugene Morriseau

My name is Eugene Morriseau. I'm from Sandy Lake, Ontario. I was born December in 1964. My father is Norval Morrisseau and my mother the Late Harriet Morriseau. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I have four children, 2 boys and 2 girls.
As I was growing up, I knew I had the talent to paint. I use to take pictures from a book or a magazine and enlarge it. I entered a contest and won 1st prize at the Red Lake District High School. That's when I started my own sketches.
I got a lot of my inspiration through my grandfather, my father, my brothers and my late uncle Josh Kakegamic. That's when I felt I had to start to do my own art again.
My grandfather used to take me hunting and taught me how to use a fishnet. He taught me where to get a particular fish throughout the lakes. This one time he took me rabbit snaring. As we were checking each snare, he would talk about when he was young and how they use to live off the land. Whenever we got back to the campsite, putting logs in the fire, he used to tell me stories about the old days.

My father also inspired me by watching him paint and seeing the paintings he did. He told me about all the nice colors he uses and he told me I would find my own way of painting.
A few years ago my brothers and I were sitting with my father in a hotel room and he asked us if his colors would die when he passes on. We told him his colors would live on. As I was sitting there I already knew that his colors would live on throughout . I knew he inspired many artists.
When I go out hunting with my family or my friends, I experience the calmness of the wilderness and seeing the animals it makes me think about what to draw and paint on canvas. I get all my thoughts from being out in nature and all the hard work being on the trap-line.
The colors I use in the past and the colors that I use now, I know that I'm growing as an artist and getting better with each painting I paint.

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