Clemence Wescoupe

Clemence Wescoupe, An Ojibwa Indian born on the Long Plains reserve in 1951. Credited as a founding member of the Woodlands School. The term is used to denote the work of artists from the Ojibwa and the other two closely related tribes “ the Cree and the Odawa.

Ojibwa artists Norval Morrisseau and Odawa artist Daphne Odjig are the recognized Elders of the school. After the deaths of Benjamin Chee-Chee, Jackson Beardy and Carl Ray, it may be fair to say that Clemence Wescoupe is the third most prominent living great master.

His command of negative space and the fine flowing elegant lines, reach deep into a cultural artistic tradition, seeking Spiritual Harmony.

Guided with a powerful sensitivity to emotions his art is concerned primarily with spiritual guardianship. Nature in its pure form provides an endless source of inspiration, yet many of its images are familiar and its appeal immediate and profound. A self taught artist, he achieved national and international acclaim in his early youth. Undoubtedly, he is the most collected Indian artist.

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