Corrina Ray

Corrina Ray is an Ojibwa/Cree from the Sandy Lake First Nation, a fly in community north of Sioux Lookout. She was born in a northwestern town of Sioux Lookout in 1974. Corinna grew up in Lac Seul with her mother and one brother and Carl Jr. stayed in Sandy Lake with his aunt Menya after her father the late Carl Ray's tragic death in 1978.
The first time Corrina seen her father's art was on a Christmas night when she was 12 years old. This is when she decided she wanted to be an artist like her father. Her inspiration comes from the x-ray style her father painted. She loves to see his work; it really makes her wonder what he was thinking while he was painting a picture.
Corrina paints what's in her head or sometimes from dreams. She enjoys painting with a legend in her work. When she dreams and wakes up she rushes to her paper and pencil and sketches her dream.
Thanks to my mother who believed in me. She bought me paints, brushes, canvas boards, paper etc... She let me do my own thing. I had a shack that was my own little studio. I taught myself how to paint (the hard way) but it was worth it. I wanted to give up many times, saying I wasn't a good enough artist, but I kept on trying, trying and now I'm glad I did. Thank you Mom!

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