Mark Anthony Jacobson

A self-taught artist, Mark Anthony Jacobson was born in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada. He first started painting at thirteen years of age, exploring his Ojibwa heritage.
Drawing traditional symbolism within the subject matter of his paintings, he adhered to the woodlands style. Inspired by spiritual dialogue with Mother Nature, Mark says his greatest inspiration is how the creator manifests throughout all of creation. "It is this language of the spirit that I try to communicate in the images I create, our relationships with the animals, with the birds, with the fish and all of humanity. It is the experience of my ancestors that have inspired the stories and legends of the Ojibwa people."
Mark has been painting professionally for nineteen years. He enjoys the celebration of his culture through the vision of his art. Mark's art is vibrant and alive. He often mixes his own colors to achieve unique blends.

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