Kathleen Baleja

You never know what you'll find in my studio! I am constantly being inspired by the world around me. Lake Superior pebbles collected on a beach walk one day become earrings and pendants the following day. Gorgeous exotic feathers are collaged between glasses to create quilt like window or wall pieces. Snake skin and dragonfly wings are incorporated into my tiny stained glass boxes. Strips of stained glass are heated and formed into glass beads.


I grew up on a farm on the Manitoba prairies but feel quite at home in the boreal forests, the exposed Canadian Shield and the many lakes of Northern Ontario. That landscape has literally crept into my work. Smooth egg shaped beach stones and lichen finish my copper wire nests. Lake Superior slate frames my mirrors and forms my Stone Goddess broaches. Pictographs discovered on canoe trips are sandblasted onto glass.


There is an air of humor and whimsy in my work. The hair on my metal dolls is made from copper pot scrubbers. Puppets are embellished with beads, bells and hand dyed fleece.

I love the connection to the material I work with and the whole process of experimenting and creating. I want to pass on that intensity to the viewer of my work.
I am thrilled to work as a dance and visual artist in the schools where I hope I am inspiring life long learning.

My other interests include yoga, cross country skiing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, contemporary dance, drumming, searching for ancient rock art sites, cooking and eating ethnic foods.


Incora imparo
"I am still learning"

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