Moses (Amik) Beaver


Moses Amik Beaver 1960 - 2017

Moses (Amik) Beaver is a professional Aboriginal artist from the isolated fly-in community of Nibinamik, (Summer Beaver) 500 kilometers north of Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario. He was born in 1960 at Landsdowne House and relocated with his family to Summer Beaver in 1975, when members of the Landsdowne House community chose to break away and move into their traditional territory. He spent much of his youth building his community and working on a trap line with his family and extended family. He has lived his life as part of a land based organic and holistic culture that in many respects has remained unchanged.

Stories for the First Nations People have always been a major tool of cultural transmission, holding the history, values, beliefs and spirituality of the people. Through his paintings, Moses transcends the verbal storytelling history of his People and enters into the realm of visual arts.  In this, he hopes his work will resonate and awaken an awareness that is at once exciting and empowering, a way for all people to understand an Aboriginal world view.  Within this context, story telling through colour and imagery, Moses work contributes to cultural revitalization, an awakening that continues to gather strength among the people to express and share the experience of being in and with the world, not masters of it.  Working primarily with acrylic on canvas, Indian Ink on paper and water colour, Moses is well known in the region for his innovative representation of an interconnected world based in the natural environment. While Moses's work reflects the black lines of traditional Woodlands art, he embraces his own unique style of embedded images of spirits, human faces and animal forms, transcending physical boundaries to the outer dimensions of the spiritual realm. In this his work reflects symbolism, realism and abstract imagery.  The images tell stories, represent ancient teachings of his people and remind those who gaze on the work, we are all connected to each other and the natural world.

Moses has worked extensively in schools across Ontario with youth, both mainstream and special education, aboriginal and non-aboriginal. These initiatives are funded for the most part by the Ontario Arts Councils Aboriginal Artists in Education and Artists in Education Programs. He is also the recipient of numerous other Ontario Art Council grants and has received assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts.  Moses has also worked in collaboration with a number of artists and art organizations in various capacities in communities, including Toronto's Red Pepper Spectacle and De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group from Wikwemikong, a community based professional touring company which creates and produces works by and about Aboriginal people.

  2003  Solo exhibition at GrannArt Gallery in Thunder Bay

 2004  Group exhibition, Black and White, GrannArt Gallery in Thunder Bay

  2004   Group exhibition "Dancing Through Time" at MacLaren Art Center, Barrie,   Ontario

  2004/05  Group exhibition at Woodlands Cultural Center

  2005  Solo exhibition at Definitely Superior Art Gallery in Thunder Bay

  2006  Group exhibition at Ahnisnabae Art Gallery, Thunder Bay

Moses has an extensive gallery of works, many of which have been and are      currently  ondisplay at various venues in Ontario. 

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