Micheal Robinson

(1948 - 2010)

Michael's exploration into the spiritual realm by illuminating the spatial monumentality of the world in which we live. People are insignificant beings in relation to the universe and the linear comprehension of time is challenged.
Michael questioned history through juxtaposed images that represent fragments of time. Surreal landscapes come alive and the human realm is easily metamorphosized into the animalistic and the spiritual.
Robinson wrote: "There is great mystery in the actions of a spiritual man as he goes about his life, weaving in and out of the mystery of the earth's spiritual state of being. I find myself more and more being drawn to the need to record this ever-changing mystery. Not to dissect it or label it, but just to touch it with my brush, my pencil or my words. Of late, I have been exploring the use of light, light sources and colour to better understand and move freely on this path I have chosen. These images I leave behind."

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