Donna Debassige

Donna Debassige-Brinkworth was born and raised in Thompson Manitoba. Her Ojibwe roots stem from North Bay and M’Chigeeng on Manitoulin Island. 

She gained an appreciation of nature and spent much of her free time drawing and experimenting with various media. During her early adulthood, she began to explore painting, eventually developing her own Woodland style art.  

She enjoys creating her paintings from things she sees in the natural world around her, and is also inspired by traditional aboriginal stories. The images she creates often have sharply contrasting bright colors or smooth blends. Donna enjoys painting in a Woodland style with its abstract representations and connection of all life.

Northern Canada inspires much of her work. As a child, her family often went on fishing excursions, camping, and other explorations of Canada's pristine wilderness. She self-studied animals in great detail by reading every book she could find at the local library as a child, and has a great love for birds, especially ravens. After graduating from high school, she obtained degrees in Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Bachelor of Pharmacy. She lives with her husband, Lyndon, and black cat, Maho in Edmonton, Alberta.  

She has sold many art pieces to locations across the globe and enjoys sharing her artwork with people around the world. Donna donates the profits of her paintings to charitable nature organizations in an effort to help protect the wilderness that inspires her artwork

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